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There will be a 2015 Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair! See this Facebook page for details.


Anarchist politics are the collective, common sense way forward to tackle problems of the 21st century: the rise of authoritarian capitalism, the declining power of the working class, ecological despoiling and disaster, and colonization / neo-colonization. We need to put an end to the brutal conditions in which few of us have any meaningful input into political decisions that affect our daily lives. Above all, anarchists trust in average people in all of our splendid varieties. We seek to abolish capitalism, a system which promises permanent inequality and ongoing crisis, and to transform our societies so that ordinary people are in control and make political and economic decisions, both individual and collective, to govern our lives as we see best.

But radical political affiliations and collaborations themselves are funny things — they often need to become starting points for more relevant and powerful forms of grassroots activity. Lots of us are still anarchists, just doing things besides a bookfair.

Like many medium sized and larger cities, from 2004-2013, people identifying themselves as anarchists (and anarchist-leaning anti-capitalists) in Edmonton, Alberta had a good size Anarchist Bookfair that invited publishers and speakers from all over North America. Locals also organized workshops held during the fair, Workshops spanned the gamut from revolutionary industrial unionism, to anti-colonialism, to keeping the police & state at bay. For those of us who live under social norms that keep us divided, unfree, and/or regarded as less human than others, the Bookfair offered workshops on how to survive and resist.

We’d eventually like to make this place an archive of graphics and materials and descriptions from this period of Anarchist Bookfair in Edmonton. If you have stuff to mail us, please drop us a line at archives@eabf.ca. If you’re a radical historian who would like to assist us in this project, please also get ahold of us there.

If you’re anarchists in Edmonton who would like to start a new anarchist bookfair and want to collaborate with this site, please email us at info@eabf.ca.

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